As the Maktub tour swings on through Europe after coming to an effusive end in North America, Husa Sounds caught up with maestro of worldly eclectic sounds, Satori, who conducted an eerie, spacey and beautifully rhythimc jam session with his Band From Space last October at L’Astral Theatre.

The concert rang with dramatic vocals, instrumental outbreaks worth some long-winded buildups, and electric guitars that oscillated between charming snakes and buzzing blues. Satori & the Band, in their concept and musicality, build bridges – across genres, across nighttime and daytime music, across bands and club sounds, across earthy and cosmic.

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Rodriguez Jr.

When Rodriguez Jr. claimed the decks for his Sunday set at AIM Festival, it was clear he meant business. Standing out from the dreamier drives of other Do Not Sit performers thanks to revved up bass-lines and buoyant productions, he securely latched in ears and bodies into the sunny afternoon. His musical energy and selections walk the artistic line between hard hitting and cruising contemplation, sharply coasting and ascending until they reach a special type of peak, where one feels awake and aware.

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This Satuday , the dark stone walls of Velvet welcome back Miyagi‘s evocative branch of deep house, for the second installment of the new Dreamworld series, an immersive night where open minds and reveries are more than welcome – they’re home.

The Lost Diaries label founder is currently coasting through clubs in Europe, gradually branching out to North America. Miyagi [KatermukkeEinmusika] pauses to chat with Husa Sounds before what promises to be a hypnotic evening, where eccentricity is highly encouraged…

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Victor Ruiz

An alluring spaceship sets course for Montreal on Saturday evening, ready to land in a frenzy of dark elastic tech-house. At the helm, none other than the sharp, enthralling Brazilian artist Victor Ruiz.

From a solid and original remix repertoire to the flurry of futuristic productions, Ruiz continues to shape his own distinct path in the scene, topped with notable performances that get crowds flying. He swept us on board with him last September at Ancient Future, and is gearing up to repeat the gravity-defying experience for longer in Stereo‘s welcomed intimate setting.

To warm up, get to know the man behind the art who took the time to answer our questions amidst a busy touring schedule. Enjoy, and see you on the glistening dancefloor.

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When an artist comes along with such strikingly electric energy, humility and openness, they shine bright within the techno galaxy. Wehbba’s made his mark with no frills, just passion, hard work and positivity. In anticipation of a riveting Newspeak gig, Husa Sounds caught up with the self-taught Brazilian powerhouse signed onto expert techno labels Drumcode and Tronic; we chatted about his impressive musical output, creative process, gear preferences and views on the Latin American techno scene.

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