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HOSH - Become One Press Release

Certain instants deserve a life past their present - Become One by HOSH gives them just that. Become One is a yearly compilation illustrating a crowd, venue and performer coming together in synergy. Each live recording will feature a HOSH set ripe with unreleased material from a diverse collection of artists. After a decade of touring, the producer, DJ and label boss now draws a connecting line between vibrant venues where there’s just something special in the air, a feeling, a history. 

We begin on the Atlantic Coast with Warung Beach Club Brazil, known for euphoric melodic sunrises, and bring these vibrations to international waters. Artists on the first BECOME volume exhibit a modern interpretation of the progressive sound that Warung has always shared a close history to, since the golden days of Global Underground. The diverse mix of producers features a mix of well known artists like Pig & Dan, D-Nox & Beckers, Karmon, Jeremy Olander, ARTBAT, and key fryhide family members like Tone Depth, Tim Engelhardt, Simao, 1979 and new talents.

First the mix, then the gradual release of tracks over the year, instant by instant, exporting the potential of a moment that is significant for locals, artists, and the global dance community.


The Gardens of Babylon - Dubai Promo


Your watch is set to Amsterdam time, as the last night of ADE bubbles everywhere around you. You wander, looking for some last bursts of magic to carry with you before packing your bags and greeting reality. You follow your feet mindlessly, and before you know it they’ve brought you to an entrancing sight: the closing party of Gardens of Babylon. People beaming and dancing bloom all around you as raving rhythms and a state of the art lineup fill the space…Delight consumes you until the last minutes of this beautiful, euphoric craze you’ve stumbled upon. You walk away knowing it can’t be the last night like this. 

Gardens of Babylon have recently made such waves in the vast ecosystem of house music, nurturing minds, bodies and souls with dreamy lineups and a welcoming culture of tolerance. Over the past year and a half their colorful events have reached five different countries, preaching open-mindedness and musical spirituality, guided by artists such as Behrouz, YokoO, Damien Lazarus, Britta Unders and so many more to come. 

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Our new EP is a mandala of earthy and electric tones blended together with soft, driving drama. Two storytellers join the Souq ranks; Turkish Omerar Nanda and Russian Zuma Dionys complement each other’s worlds with ease, gifting us with an entrancing piece of work where traditional folk sounds are curbed by edgy electric ones. Hebele Hubulu comically refers to the language of those who speak with dogma and pretence, its cascading vocals emulating nonsense words in a jaunty march forward. It is a call to reflect on how you speak to and of the world, a call on not taking yourself so seriously. Berlin Based Zuma Dionys crafts cosmic landscapes in his work, this time serving us the zesty Belantash, rhythmically coiling and clapping, reaching a peak of electronic Oriental groove. We hope you enjoy this peculiar beauty of an EP.


Floral Nights & NoiseFloor Records - Burning Sun event series


Once one has tasted this type of Saturday, it’s difficult to envision another scenario; secluded, solar, pulsing with deep melodies and cheerful chatter, Burning Sun spreads its wings over the Abreuvoir terrace every two weeks for a beaming afternoon that leads into an effusive evening. This passionate gathering methodically nurtured by Floral Nights and NoiseFloor Records unites a growing community of natural music lovers; no frills, no pretence, just uninhibited adoration of wisely curated grooves in cozy company.

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As temperatures drop in Montreal, we can count on Burning Sun to keep us moving with musical heat waves punctuating the upcoming cold. On Saturday the 27th, expect another afternoon visit to varied shades of house, from deep to progressive to afro, wrapped up on a terrace chock full of smiles – all for a very special Halloween edition.

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Souq Records - Dizharmonia EP Press Release


Greek duo Dizharmonia mystically dip their paintbrush into sounds of a faraway time and space, rooting them into a dark and ethereal present. With this EP on Souq Records, they travel towards deep realms of the ancient world, carrying listeners along a misty progressive trip. Rather than the destination, it is the atmospheric movement of the journey which creates meaning and leaves our minds full of dreams.

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The same sun shines into the house of two unsuspecting souls, whose front doors play a game of hide and seek. The game is over as soon as their eyes meet. Jarra translates to neighbor, evoking the dance of side-by-side homes and their dwellers glimpsing fragments of each other’s lives. Through effusive downtempo, Shkoon re-ignites a traditional Iraqi story, one that sings of neighbors falling in love, weaved with melancholy and celebration, transposing of the aurora of a simpler past onto the poignancy of the present.

Stories travel through eras and peoples, carried by those who conjure them. Jarra comes alive to the tune of Shkoon’s vocalist Ameen alongside his fellow countryman the gypsy Violinist Maher and the German Musician Thorben. The remixing artists infuse folklore with evocative modern soundscapes; Nacim Gastli’s progressive passion, Boshoco’s frenzied grooves, Keybe Segg & Pandhora’s emotive deep house heights. They all explore a different facet, with words, sounds, gestures and signs of the past coming alive as a musical tale is revived for dark and light dance floors alike.


Sonorous Festival, Mexico - Press Release


We’re excited to announce the official launch of SONOROUS Festival’s next edition, unfolding at Riviera Maya with 13 parties inviting over 50 international and national artists. The events will be taking place from December 29 to January 13, presented only by the venues SaSacbe, Tulum and Sea Side Beach Roof.

SONOROUS is an electronic music platform with international transcendence that will offer the audience 15 days of activities filled with electronic music parties, fashion and lifestyle, all wrapped up in inventive venues.

Our mission is and always will be to create an exclusive atmospheres where people can live a sensorial experience in a safe environment, listening to the best national and international DJs.


Be Crazy! Ibiza - London Event Promo


The Be Crazy! Ibiza residency, renowned for dramatic productions and thoughtfully curated lineups – including Guy J, HOSH, Sebastien Leger, SuperFlu, Tone Depth and many more -, exports itself for its fourth pop-up London edition, this Saturday at Proud Embankment. Hosted by the versatile French-German producer Jean Claude Ades, now a staple of Ibiza club culture, these evenings invite audiences to get lost in the flashiness of an inventive and melodic environment.

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Best Kept MTL - “Le Week-End Guide” Series

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What a rich weekend to look forward to! Whether you’re into music, culture, comedy, food or yoga, Best Kept has you covered with this edition of Le Weekend Guide. Keep these five free events on your radar, grab a fan for the heat and some friends for the ride, and enjoy your time in our bustling city.

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